“I’m on a streak; down 35 lbs. and 26 inches!”

March 22, 2012

Hi, Lisa Moehlenkamp here.

Keeping the Momentum Going:

Two good weeks back to back constitutes a streak—right?? Well, I am on a streak. I weighed and measured last night. I am down a total of 35 pounds, including the two pounds I lost last week, and more than 26 inches. I can feel it in every part of my body, and it is really showing up as I shop for clothes to fit my shrinking self.

With the support of my coach, I am pushing forward with good momentum. Each week we talked about goals for the next week—sticking to my meal plan, getting my 10,000 steps in, putting more variety in my diet. These weekly goals are helping keep me motivated and I realize that I am someone who needs to take this one week at a time. And that is just what I am doing.

I have 15 more pounds to get to the goal of 50 pounds that I proclaimed when I started the second round of Curves Complete. I am definitely feeling the pressure of the clock ticking on this 90-day cycle. But it is a good and really positive pressure and I welcome the challenge.

Here’s to the continuing march toward 50!

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